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ACTIVITY 2: Outcomes - English, Science and Art

English - reading, writing, comprehension, spelling, grammar, research skills, record keeping.

Science - learn more about fungi, where it grows, scientific names.

Art - communicating art ideas, using art skills, techniques and processes.

The following activity requires very little preparation for the teacher as students do the work. For the younger age group, print the pdf file or if preferred, hand your students a blank piece of paper to write their fungi assignment on. By viewing the examples at the age group you teach, you will see what is expected of the students. All that is required is a blank or lined piece of paper, ruler, pens, pencils or texta's.

Step 1: Students are to locate books regarding fungi in the school or local library.

Step 2: Once students have located appropriate fungi books they are to write an assignment about fungi using plenty of illustrations - see other student's examples below.


Ages 4-5: View activity - HERE See other example - HERE

Ages 5-6:View the notepaper pdf file HERE

See other example - HERE

Ages 6-8:See example - HERE

Ages 9-10:See example - HERE

Ages 11-12:See example - HERE

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