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ACTIVITY 3: Outcomes - Technology, Health, Science and English

Technology - use of cameras, internet, computer, scanner.

Health - exercise while hunting for fungi, poison aspects of fungi.

Science - learn about fungi, where it grows, scientific names.

English - reading, writing, comprehension, spelling, grammar.

Art - introducing photography as an Art, sketching fungi, communicating art ideas, using art skills, techniques and processes.

bush picture where fungi grows

This activity requires the use of a camera while hunting for fungi. Organise an outing with your students, make sure it is the right time of the year for fungi. The walk can be a simple one through the school garden, local park or forest.

Students are to 'hunt' carefully for fungi. Explain that many fungi are poisonous and no fungi is to be touched or disturbed in any way. If students are capable of taking photos they should be encouraged to do so, preferably using a zoom-in lens on the camera or they could try a digital camera.

After the photos have been developed, older students could scan these and make a photo gallery using the Internet to display their talents and write-ups. Younger students can make a fungi display in the classroom using the photos you took.

Display the write-ups and craft activities they've completed. If a camera poses a problem, try sketching the different fungi found and scan these images instead of photos, this will incorporate the Art outcome as well.

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