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A step by step fungi project guide (examples, printable pdf craft page, worksheet, lesson plan, photo gallery, printable photos). All 5 activities or theme units are very adaptable for ages 5 to 12. Each student should be able to work at their own level to achieve the necessary outcomes.

ACTIVITY 1: Outcomes - Art & Craft and Science

Art - communicating art ideas, using art skills, techniques and processes.

Science - learning about fungi, where and when it grows.

fungi example of art project

A: Obtain a suitable fungi book from your school or local library. Hold a general, short discussion about what fungi is, where it may grow and the climatic type of condition it would need to grow. Encourage students to participate in the discussion and gauge what students know about fungi before any fungi books are read.

B: You can print activity one using the pdf template for ages 4-10. For older children you can either use the template or they could draw their own fungi template and garden scene. Using stiffer paper or cardboard will give better results. A4 photocopy paper will still work beautifully but gives a more 'floppy' end result which can be frustrating for children.

Step 1:Print the fungi craft pdf file CLICK HERE

Step 2:Colour the fungi and garden scene before cutting them out.

Step 3:Cut out fungi and attach a drinking straw with staples.

Step 4:Cut out garden scene along grass edge. Grass may be cut spiky.

Step 5:Cut out rectangle straw holder that says 'Staple or glue' and attach to the back of the garden scene. Leave a little slackness in the paper to allow room for the straw.

Step 6: Poke the straw through the holder at the back of the garden scene and slowly move the fungi up to make it appear as if it is growing out of the soil in the garden.

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