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bridging the learning gap

  • Bridging the learning gap comprises six, 11/2 hour, fun English grammar lessons using paper, oral and Internet based methods.
  • These simple, yet effective lessons are easy to follow, step by step instructional activities for students ages six to twelve.
  • Ideal for parents or teachers who wish to teach or re-enforce some basic grammar.
  • Mix auditory, visual and hands-on techniques to improve and build upon children's weaknesses or skill gaps rather than sticking to one method only.
  • Thoroughly tested on numerous students between the ages six and fourteen.
  • Use the lessons over six days, six weeks or incorporate two lessons in one week. It is totally flexible to suit your teaching schedule.


For best results you must be organized.
Print all lessons well in advance and study them thoroughly so you are acquainted with its contents. Obtain any additional materials you may need; e.g. old magazines, exercise books, glue, scissors etc.

Before starting each lesson.
Ensure you have photocopied all relevant pages to avoid students having to wait for their material. They will loose interest and enthusiasm if you are disorganized.

Bridging the Learning Gap

Lesson Plan 1
10 pages 223KB

What is grammar? Parts of speech - nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, interjections. Flash cards.

Lesson Plan 2
9 pages 303KB

Review 'grammar flash cards'. Capital letters & flash cards. Story reading with corresponding 'capital letters' worksheets and activities.

Lesson Plan 3
5 pages 160KB

Review 'parts of speech' & 'capital letters'. Introduction of spelling and dictionary usage with corresponding worksheets.

Lesson Plan 4
4 pages 123KB

Review 'parts of speech' & 'capital letters'. Singular and plural rules with corresponding worksheets.

Lesson Plan 5
4 pages 147KB

Review 'parts of speech'. Introduction of commas - question marks & exclamation marks.

Lesson Plan 6
1 page 64KB

Review lessons 1 - 5 with complimenting fun activities. Story reading, oral comprehension using the program.


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