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What is history?

What is history? Do you know? native

History is the story of past time. The past, is time gone by. People who study history are also called historians. They will study old books, churches, ancient cities which have been dug up by archeologists and even just old buildings in their local area.

History is important because we can learn from the past. Maybe you did something silly and dangerous just last week, I guess that is history. So you should have learned from the past not to do that particular silly, dangerous thing again. As you can see, history can be not so far in the past or it can be hundreds of years ago.

History is also very interesting once you start delving into the past. You will discover things you never knew about and you will see how things have changed over generations. You will discover different cultures, different languages, new ideas, fantastic architectural structures and flora and fauna which are extinct now.

Give history a try and find out for yourself what a wonderful resource we have in the past. Maybe you will learn from the past and realize how exciting history can be.

nativeYour task:

  • Choose a country.
  • You can research the following historical events or choose your own.
  1. Who occupied the land first?
  2. Did the people always speak the language they speak now?
  3. Did this country have a royal family? Who were they.
  4. How did the people live? In a house, shack, grass huts, under the stars?

You can research much more and make a really nice essay about this. Pictures from old magazines can make your work look great or draw some pictures yourself and explore those untouched drawing talents. The Internet is another great place to search for information. Type in the country, people or any other keyword in any search engine and see what you can find. Don't forget the encyclopedia which certainly is a wealth of information. Have fun!

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