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Teaching Basic Maths The best way to teach maths to a pre-school aged child just starting out is to use practical methods.

Foreign Language Learning Experience A discussion about a foreign language learning experience, the learning situation and personal feelings toward the methodologies used during the 1980s, and comparing these to the methods used during that period and those that are used today (in 2011).

Copyright story. (Activity) No longer were they allowed to utilise some of this educational resource for free due to the fact that Ms. Delilah had decided that pedagogue folk were in essence to stupid to understand what was for free and what wasn't. In her ultimate wisdom she had concluded that pedagogue folk were illiterate and did not understand the difference between 'when they ought to pay for something and when not'.

How to get rich quick. Like many people, obsession with money is common. Every day people aimlessly wander around, wondering, contemplating, and scheming how to get rich. Obsession with wealth has become part of western society; poverty is far away on the other side of the world and carefully, deliberately and usually successfully forgotten.

Is your child socially disadvantaged? Teen suicide, drug abuse, alcoholism, crime, promiscuity, teen pregnancy, abortion and the list goes on. If home educators do a thorough job the children will be pleasant, mature, independent young adults.

Why some don't celebrate Christmas. Twelve centuries before Christ was born, pagan idolaters introduced a festival to celebrate the birthday of the un-conquered sun. The celebration on the 25th of December is a mighty counterfeit religious system of which the green tree is one of its symbols.

Alternative Water Storage. Farmers who receive plenty of rainfall and have ample roof area for catchment, still often have the problem of where to store it. It is not uncommon for properties to look like tank cities.... not to mention the unnecessary financial debt they still have for the purchase of these confounded tanks.

Customer Behaviour. Society's cleanliness has degraded over the years, people have become lazy, nonchalant about cleanliness and laugh when something is said about personal hygiene. Watch out sickness is on the rise!  Germs are gaining in numbers, beware lest they consume you in your ignorance!

Gone Bush. A holiday to remember, bushwalking, back to nature, birds, scenery and a chance to loose some weight... or was it all a nightmare?

Gone Fishin' A delightful account of ones fishy story. You bring the bait, I'll bring the fishing rods and we'll catch that big fish yet!

National Homeschool Association - NHA (reprinted with permission) People are born ready to learn. Living and learning are not separate activities. Learning cannot be contained in a place or time. Learning is too wonderful and powerful to limit it by turning it over to conventional schools.

Are pets keeping you poor. Research has indicated Australians have the highest ownership of pets, per household, in the world. Having a pet is not against God's law but if your pet takes up more time and money than your child, then something is drastically wrong.

Successful Home Education and Australishe Scholen (Dutch article)


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