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If you're thinking of taking your children out of school, the answer to your question is very simple, you can either struggle on trying to correct your children's choice behaviour each day they learn some other poor behaviour, or you can home educate your children. Home education is the best alternative if you want control of what your children read, see, hear and do.

As far as education goes, forget what the educational system has taught you. Parents are usually the best guides or educators of their children for the first 15 - 17 years of their lives, after that the parents should have equipped their children with all the necessary academic and life's knowledge to tackle life's future trials and tests that confront them. Quite frankly, if you teach your children to read the Bible alone, you have given them all the equipment necessary to succeed in this life and more importantly the next.

My husband and I started our educational program with an expensive curriculum based program. We found that the program became boring and repetitious and there was no time for anything else, it also burnt us out trying to enforce its rules and methods not only on our children but on us as parents. What we now call a 'schoolistic approach'.

What you mainly need to teach your children is the spoken and written language you speak; there should be books available where you live. Visit any large educational bookshop to view what's on offer and carefully choose a good phonics program to start with if you are starting out, if you are taking your child out of school you will need to choose relevant books that are close to your child's abilities.

We have a good phonics program available on our website if you are starting out and many other helpful ideas if your children are more advanced, but we encourage you to follow what is relevant for each day you plan. Make sure you adapt educational resources you think are appropriate for your children and start to encourage your children to make more and more decisions as they get older regarding their educational jorney.

We strongly believe it is up to the parents what should be taught in an overall sence at any given time to their children, but you should allow your children to make more decisions about their education as they get older. Please understand that the academic part of learning for most children should not exceed 4 hours a day but we think that 2-3 hours is usually enough. Don't burden yourselves or your children with too much academic study. Learning is done in so many other ways! You will understand that statement the more you choose to continue educating your children at home.

The most important academic subjects are mathematics and the spoken language along with reading and writing, all the other subjects will fall in the respective place. Most important of all, is the knowledge that the Word of God can impart to your children. If you direct your children in the way of the Lord, then you have given them the best this world has to offer.

The Light Of The World is Jesus Christ the Lord. Light in this context means illumination... which is understanding.

Our sincere wish is for you to make the right decision for yourself and your children. To find out more about home education see Successful Home Education

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