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Why Home Education

In recent history we have been witness to the poor social and educational standards of children coming out of the schooling system, this has caused numerous parents to rethink their choice of education for their children and many are choosing home education as an alternative. A lot of parents perceive this increasing problem to be due to the lack of Biblical and moral instruction within the schooling system. Others just observe the standard of education and want more for their children.

What ever the reason home education is becoming a popular choice for more and more parents these days. Parents that choose this option are providing a very successful and proven method of education for their children, from infants right through to 17 years of age or more. Parents who home educate are also finding the hidden advantages of closer family sharing and having more control over what their children see, hear, learn and do.

There are many other advantages with home education. For example, parents teach their children on a one-on-one basis. Having more personal attention, children generally understand more quickly the concepts presented, instead of falling behind as many of their school aged counterparts. Parents and their children also enjoy the extra time spent together as a family, instead of the few hours left over every day after other people have had their way with their children.

The safe home environment for their children is another consideration for many parents. Not having to worry about playground bullies, drugs, alcohol, peer pressure and many other distasteful occurrences which happen in school on a daily basis. Working at ones own pace also provides time to learn concepts more thoroughly.

In the end only you can make the decision whether home education is right for you and your family. We recommend to take the time and do your research before you tackle home education.

Our sincere wish is for you to make the right decision for yourself and your children. To find out more about home education see Successful Home Education.


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