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Most parents wonder at the beginning of each school year what formal skills, life-lessons and habits their children should acquire as they progress during the year ahead. Will you as a home school parent be able to teach what is required for the year? Will you be able to cope with another year?

Some parents have to be able to come to terms with the change if this is their first year of formal home schooling. Teaching methods have changed in the public schooling system so dramatically that it is sometimes difficult to discern what a parent should teach. It leaves some parents confused about what they could expect from their children and how best to help them achieve their goals.

As a home school parent you can look at the standards attained by the public schooling system and get a fair idea of what is required although you will soon find that your standards will differ somewhat to those outside your home.

Below you will find a short summary for children from kindergarten to year ten. This is a guide only and you need to be aware that each child is different and unique in their way, by no means are they little angels and don't expect them to be because you will be disappointed. Each child learns at a different rate and acquires knowledge and life-skills at a different time in their life... next | Year by year chart

by Ingrid Griggs

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