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Year 10

What they are like: Average age 15 to 17 - You're not dealing with children any more but rather with young adults. They like their space and privacy. Sometimes withdrawn and at other times untamable. Enjoy their vibrant lifestyle and encourage as much communication as possible between you as a parent and them.

What they should know: Advanced English and Mathematics. They should be able to listen and respond with a responsible attitude. Cultural understanding and historical knowledge across several countries. They should be able to investigate, communicate and participate in social areas. They should be able to work Scientifically concerning science in daily life. Understand Technological concepts of investigating, devising, producing and evaluating. Acknowledge different techniques and styles of reaching an outcome. Active citizenship should continue to be promoted. Politics and legal systems need to be understood and explored more widely.

Focus for the year: Continue to build on the previous year's efforts with more independence and self-assurance. Self-management skills and interpersonal skills should be developed.

Important subjects: At this level all subjects are important and students may even wish to add a more advanced workload. Some local youth projects may be of advantage to include in the agenda.

Best way to help: Like the previous year they will stumble upon academic problems which may even baffle you as a parent. Don't be afraid to ask help from someone with more knowledge than you. Most people are more than happy to offer their expertise, time permitting. Don't let television or computer games come before studies, keep a watchful eye out for temptations which may lead to regret afterwards. Be there for your children, if you neglect them they will neglect you and your family unit will be torn apart.

Proverbs: chapter 22 verse 6
Train up a child in the way he shall go and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

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