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An interesting way of looking at things: If you can maintain your students' eagerness to learn, half the battle of gaining respect is already won. The other benefits of this are, a higher retention of things learnt, improved self-esteem, a more relaxed atmosphere and a reduction in wasted time, providing more time for students to learn and so many other ongoing benefits are forthcoming. One receives respect when respect is given. In other words, you as the teacher cannot demand respect if you don't set the example by first giving respect. Disagreeable situations in the classroom occur on a regular basis, so how can they be overcome? By being organized... yes! Good teachers are always well prepared. By making available, relevant material for those disruptive moments, you can give those disruptive students something special to do and when ever possible make it relevant to task, this can only be done with good planning and being well prepared. Students that have a feeling of importance usually improve their overall performance.... read more...

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