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Educational author's gripe!

Educational writers find the amount of free educational resources available on-line and off-line inexhaustible, which is great for the many teachers that use these. The problem with so many freebies is that the quality has a lot to be desired. My guess regarding the poor quality of materials is that the producers are not paid for their work or they are paid very little.

Additionally, educational resources purchased by some teachers are shared and copied by their colleagues many times over, which is a shame on the educational profession. When thousands of teachers breach copyright law every day by copying the work of authors over and over again without giving any regard or payment for the work, authors do not get their rightful pay.

Just as teachers are paid for their hard work, it is necessary for authors to be paid for their hard work. Authors need payment to keep on producing up to date relevant educational materials. Don't neglect your support, if you are using copyright material illegally, stop doing it! I understand the need to keep expenditure down and to get good products at a good price, but think of what will happen if teachers continue getting many authored material for nothing, it is only simple mathematics; no input = no output

A workman is worthy of his hire!

I know that copyright does not seem to mean very much to many teachers who flagrantly breach the copyright of many publishers of educational material. This abuse happens all too often in schools. These teachers seem to think that it’s fair use to copy and give to students whole worksheets; they say "it is for educational purposes"! Not only do they copy worksheets from workbooks thinking us publishers will never find out, they now are cheeky enough to repost some of our website graphics to their own school web pages and I have even seen our complete books uploaded. This abuse downgrades publisher website search engine positions and inturn steels our traffic which hurts the industry that supports the teachers. They are the very ones, yes! The very ones destroying their own support industry.

I have even had to complain to school districts about some blatant copying of our website graphics and they have responded, by writing that teachers in question downloaded the graphic from Google images. Are they that ignorant to think Google search engine makes educational graphics for free? “No”! Google search engine displays cached copies of images direct from the website and links back to the originator of the graphic, it is your responsibility to go to the website and check to find out if they indeed own the right to post that graphic and if they do, what are their copyright requirements? Just like it's your responsibility to check whether or not using a complete worksheet to copy it many times over is fair use, sometimes it is, sometimes it is not, it depends on the copyright permissions, you must check! Not just copy, remember that course material is specific to the industry and relies on the user to pay.


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