Teaching Treasures™ Teaching Ideas and Suggestions

Teaching Ideas and Suggestions

Processes of Learning Mathematics A report to demonstrate to parents, community members and colleagues within the teaching fraternity the reason why change in teaching strategies of mathematics in primary school has occurred.

Worksheets It is not recommended for teachers or parents to simply bulk print what's up there as often you'll loose the blackline masters or mislay them. Crumpled worksheets, printed 6 weeks ago are not attractive to photocopy and could become outdated anyway. Most educational professionals, student teachers and parents check out their favourite bookmarked web sites each week and download only what they need for that week.

Metalinguistic Awareness For experienced teachers or those who are in the field of studying languages it is not a tricky word but merely part of their vocabulary. What metalinguistics basically means is the ability to think about language and talk about it.

TEACHING STRATEGY – LEARN TO PANDER The biggest task in teaching students anything is to work out what students are interested in.

Earning the respect of your students Handy tips about gaining the respect of your students if you are just starting out or would like to refresh your memory these few tips may just help you.

Language ConceptsHandy tips if you are just starting out or would like to refresh your memory. Check out some downloadable teacher forms while you're there.

Open Ended Learning This method of teaching has been adopted in our home based learning from day one. It is not difficult to change to this type of teaching, in fact once you start you will wonder why you have taken so long to commence this style of teaching. It's practical, efficient, exciting, innovative and unlimited.

SLD, EH and ADHD in the classroomSitting still for long periods of time can be hard for any child and a child with ADHD is no exception to that rule. Read as much as you can about ADHD and strategies for the classroom from web sites, pamphlets, community groups, parents and professionals.

Bullying at work and in the classroom Believe it or not - teachers are often bullied by their work mates, giving rise to unproductive teaching strategies which in turn give students an unsatisfactory learning record.

The frustrations and joys of teaching. Advice goes a long way, to listen to it doesn't cost anything, to apply good, sound advice could save you time, money and future heartbreak. To ignore good advice could be detrimental to you and your children.

Group learning encourages peer dependence, especially by the low achievers, because they become dependent on others to do their work for them, which could become a serious problem for the low achievers in the future.

Precept upon Precept - Line upon Line. Here you will find a short outline for years seven to ten. This is a guide only and you need to be aware that each student is different and unique in their way. Each person learns at a different rate and acquires knowledge and life-skills at different times in their life.

Stop being time-based. Do Governments of this world really want everybody literate or academically able?

Are you using copyright material. An educational writers gripe about people using copyright material without remuneration.

Copyright story. (Activity) No longer were they allowed to utilise some of this educational resource for free due to the fact that Ms. Delilah had decided that pedagogue folk were in essence to stupid to understand what was for free and what wasn't. In her ultimate wisdom she had concluded that pedagogue folk were illiterate and did not understand the difference between 'when they ought to pay for something and when not'.


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