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Contains a huge selection of worksheets in subject areas such as English, Maths, Science, Technology, Environment, Art, Health, and Languages other than English for primary and high school students. Because children learn from completing worksheet workbooks it should be an important part of their schooling. Overuse of worksheets is not a good idea though and teachers should supplement with educational games. Again, games are important for learning but should also be used in moderation. Printable eBooks are also available from the shopping cart. by Ingrid Griggs

There are many teaching strategies you can use in the classroom such as active learning, critical thinking, humor, discussion strategies, collaborative and cooperative learning. It is the teacher's job to decide on the best method for the type of students you have and this no doubt changes from year to year.

There are also many areas online to engage your class in learning communities in order to bring students together for shared learning, discovery, and generating and improving knowledge. Within a learning community, all students take responsibility for achieving their learning goals. Make sure to choose a safe learning environment!

teaching strategies

Teaching diverse students can be challenging but in a society with so many cultural differences it is important to ensure you take onboard correct teaching strategies. You will find many of the printable worksheets suitable for ESL students, for those with different cultural backgrounds and for those with learning disabilities.

Inquiry guided learning is ideal for these students and of course for anyone who wishes to learn. The method of inquiry learning relies on students to research their topics and arriving at an understanding of different concepts by themselves rather than being spoonfed by the teacher. Students become responsible for learning and this encourages research skills that can be used throughout their lives in any situation, school, work or at home.

tour the world

Problem Based Learning also referred to as PBL is another instructional method or teaching strategy that challenges students with the slogan Learn2Learn. Students work in groups in order to find solutions to real world problems. This method is good in order to find out what students wish to do in the future... a bit like a career finding method. Problem solving will show up knowledge and the lack of knowledge about certain issues. Check out the Tour the World activity as an example of a Problem Based Learning activity for high school students.

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