Teaching Treasures™ The Eye Introduction



Your eyes are amazing and very special. Some people have blue eyes others have brown eyes. Some people have green, almost black or a mixture of the colours just mentioned. When the sun is bright or if you look into a bright lamp your pupil becomes smaller. When you are in the dark your pupil is larger to help you see better in darker situations. The pupil is the black looking area in the centre of your eye. The coloured part is called the iris. Your eye lashes help stop dust and tiny particles that float in the air from entering your eyes. Blinking keeps your eyes moist, that means it stops them from drying out and becoming prickly and sore.

Eyes detect light and allow us to see. The part of the eye that allows us to focus on different things in known as the lens, it changes shapes with the help of small mussels in our eye so we can focus on objects at various distances. The cornea is the transparent covering part of the iris and pupil, along with the lens it refracts light so it can be projected onto the back of the eye.

light sensitive tissue lining the inner back surface of your eye called the retina. Cone cells in the retina detect colour while the rod cells detect low light contrasts. The information our eyes receive on the retina is sent to our brain along the optic nerve. This information is then processed by our brain and helps us make appropriate decisions for the rest of our body. for example, if you see a harmful object moving in your direction you may want to move quickly out the way.

Glasses and contact lenses are worn to correct sight problems our eyes may have, such as short and long sightedness. Sun glasses are often worn by humans to protect their eyes from the suns UV rays. Other protective eye goggle and plastic glasses are used during various dangerous activities such as welding, hammering, grinding, cutting, drilling and mowing. These activities can cause what we are working on fly off or break away at speed and enter our eyes to damage them.



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