Direct Energy From The Sun

How can we use the sun's direct energy?

Trees use the sun's direct energy very efficiently. Can we use the sun's direct energy as effectively as the trees? Pooling our ideas together and using the knowledge we already have, we may be able to achieve what the trees do naturally.


Below are methods that utilize the sun's direct energy:

  • Solar hot water heater panels
  • Photovoltaic cells
  • Solar hot air panels
  • Solar hot houses
  • Solar cookers
  • Solar cars, using photovoltaic cells
  • Solar air-conditioners
  • Distilling water, using solar hot water panels
  • Houses built to utilize the sun's energy, this is called passive solar building design

Is your family using any of the methods above to conserve non-renewable energy?

Energy we receive from the sun:

  • Light energy
  • Heat energy as infra-red radiation
  • Ultra violet light radiation

Do you use any of these forms of energy? Imagine if there was no sunlight, there'd be no power.


Someone claimed to be the light. Who was it? (See John chapter 1)

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