We use the sun's energy!

Have you ever wondered how much you rely on the sun, let's take a look!


We all need food.

That's easy you say, just go to the supermarket and buy it! But where does the supermarket get the food and most of the other products? Did you know that almost everything we use in our everyday life exists because of the sun's energy?

How can that be?

First of all, without the sun there would be no life on earth. Plants need the sun in order to make their food and we need the plants for our food, from the smallest microbe to the largest animals, we all need the sun's energy for life giving food.

Cars & machines

What about the cars we drive, and all the machines we use to make things? Where did the energy come from to produce and run these things? The SUN.  How? First of all we need the crude oil and coal from the ground for the energy needed to make all these things. Crude oil and coal energy does not come from the sun, it comes from the ground.

During and after the Biblical flood in Noah's time, it is believed that huge amounts of plants, people and animals were washed into valleys. This was covered very quickly with tons of silt (silt is earth washed from higher ground) that compressed the plant, people and animal matter and over time formed the coal and some of the crude oil we use today.

As you can see, this was stored energy from the sun that produced the coal and some of the crude oil. This stored energy is not going to last much longer at current usage rates. We regard these energy resources as a non-renewable energy.

In the Bible God promised never to flood the earth again and gave us a sign, the rainbow. Read Genesis chapters 6 to 9 for an accurate account of what, why and how it happened!

What can we do to help save this stored energy?

We can find out more effective ways to use the sun's energy right now! Encourage each other to use stored energy more wisely and start looking after our precious environment. How can we do this?

There are so many ways we can save stored energy and one of the most important ways, is to capture the energy that's going to waste. What's that? 'SOLAR ENERGY'!

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