A solar, poly tube hot house


hot house cutaway view
diagram 1A

Using solar resistant plastic:

A small hot house can be constructed with solar resistant plastic: refer diagram 1A. This type of construction is restricted to small size hot houses only, floor size 2.6m by 4.5m using 35mm poly tube. This size was selected because of its price and easy construction.

The clear solar resistant plastic sheet cover comes in 4.5m width rolls.

This width fits snug over the structure. The height comes close to 1.8m giving just enough head room. Make sure doorways are placed at each end for ventilation for those hot summer days.

Depending on the size hot house chosen:

Make sure to calculate the correct lengths before cutting the poly pipe, try to be as economical as possible, remembering that the poly pipe is mainly derived from crude oil.

Positioning this type hot house:

This is usually length ways north to south. This will allow even sunlight to the plants when planted in a row on either side with an access path down the centre.

Don't limit your hot house design to only this type.

There are many different designs to choose from. If you're in a hurry you can purchase 'pre-made' do it yourself structures. Have a good look around!

hot house


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