Solar powered lights

This project will require the use of photovoltaic cells, (more commonly known as electrical or power solar panels) a backup battery bank, 12v regulator, cable, switches and 12v lights. Here is a basic idea and tips to help you get started.

Simple lighting circuit

simple solar power circuit

Two 60w panels should be sufficient for an average sized classroom  and two 100 Amp hour batteries. You will have to work out how many lights and switches will be needed for the room outfitted with this system. Remember to house the batteries in a well ventilated cupboard. Because the system is running on 12 volts, don't run your cable more than 10 metres or excessive voltage drop will occur. Also use heavy copper cable to decrease line resistance.

Find out and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using a higher voltage, inverting 12v DC or 24v DC to 110v AC, 220v AC or 240v AC. 

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