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With the projects below you may be able to get some ideas to start your own project, using nature to produce an effective use of solar energy.

These youth educational environmental and gardening projects ideas are designed to encourage youth to foster development of leadership skills and collaborative involvement with community. Most importantly cultivating awareness of their surroundings and the greater global problems that face mankind.

Project 1

Do you know of any endangered animals or plants in your area?
Select an animal or plant and do some research about the chosen subject.

  • What plants does the chosen animal eat?
  • The required area needed for the animal to survive.
  • Does the animal travel very far?
  • Will you need to provide several planted areas and access paths?
  • Is it a practical project for your school or class to undertake?
  • Can you get assistance from your local shire or nature group?

Project 2

Is there land nearby that has suffered erosion, this could be wind or water erosion. Maybe you could start a project to repair the problem by planting native ground covers, trees and shrubs. Digging contour banks to allow water to soak into the ground or flow slowly, topographical mathematics can be used and also the use of a theodolite. Trees can be used as water pumps, trees help to lower the ground water level. Do some research about the soil types in the area and the native plants that will need to be selected, work out the main wind directions. If the problem is wind erosion you will need to water your plant in the first summer and mulch around the plants to stabilize the soil.

Project 3

Salt effected land: Do some research into how salt appears on the surface of the ground and kills the plants in the area, work out ways to solve the problem. Your experiments and practical use of the sun's energy may assist farmers  and Governments in the future!

Project 4

Grow vegetables at your school or home. Learn how difficult it is to maintain a vegetable garden and how important it is to prepare the soil. Study what types of vegetables to choose and when to plant them, quantities of plants needed are just some of the things you will need to consider when planning  your vegetable patch. This can be very educational over the course of the year and ongoing for future life skills. You can have lots of fun with this project too.

Project 5

Plan a tree planting outing in an area that needs rehabilitating in your local vicinity or in a neighboring area. Work in conjunction with the local authority, choosing the various plants and trees. Draw up plans to submit to the town planner for approval. This project is very useful for demonstrating all the necessary steps needed when planning a town planning project.

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