Stored Energy From The Sun

Pick a topic below, write how the sun's energy is transformed into the stored energy source chosen.
You can also think about more effective ways to use this form of energy and write it next to your explanation in an information box; find some pictures or draw diagrams to illustrate your essay. Only some of the words are linked, use a dictionary, encyclopedia or your local library to find out more information.

Can you think of any other forms of stored energy from the sun to add to this list?


coal crude oil timber wheat
plastic paint petrol fruit
mentholated spirits trees wool gas
paper cardboard milk bread
corn diesel turpentine kerosene
carpet clothing rubber animals
insects fish hydro electricity electricity(not nuclear)
sugar flour wine honey
methane gas natural gas acetone cooking oil


E.g. Petrol is a stored energy refined from crude oil believed to be formed from ancient plant and animal matter. Plants store the energy from the sun and animals eat the plants for their energy. It is believed that During Noah's flood these were covered with thousands of tons of silt and over time the mixture turned into crude oil.

Now we use crude oil as one of our main energy sources to power industry and the cars we drive. (transportation)

We can use this resource more effectively by planning the use of our cars:

  • Working out the shortest distance to travel to all destinations.
  • Keep the car in good working order.
  • Using the car only when needed.
  • Using the push bike for short distances or walking more often.
  • Purchase a smaller car that is economical.
  • Don't speed or accelerate quickly.

Can you think of any more? Maybe you know of a device that can be installed on the engine that will help to save fuel.

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