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fly drawing Houseflies are unpleasant, annoying and can be dangerous. They breed rapidly and under the right conditions carry diseases on the sticky pads on their feet, on the fine hairs on their legs and inside their stomachs. Flies will sit on dog faeces and then gladly wander around your lunch before you eat it. You end up eating some of the dog dung which the fly carried along on his hairy, sticky legs and you could end up being sick because of the germs the fly placed on your lunch. Not a nice thought is it? You should always cover your food and place perishables in the fridge. Wash your hands before you handle food and clean the area where food is going to be prepared or kept. Of course you should always wash your hands after you have been to the toilet.


Task 1.
Find out at least 3 ways you can control flies. Write them down.

Task 2.
Survey your school and write down the danger areas where you found the most flies. Write how you could change the fly problem in a particular area.

Task 3.
Find a dead fly or swat one. Collect it with tweezers and put it in a small dish. Place different body parts under a microscope. Write down your observations.

Task 4.
Design a flycatcher using natural or recycled materials.



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