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Years ago there were pirates who sailed in ships around the world. At times they would steal silver, gold and other precious treasures from passing ships. Captain Blackbeard was a famous pirate. Most people were scared of him because he was not a nice man.

Your task: Make a pirate costume

  • Collect old, strange looking clothes and turn these into pirate clothes you can sew parts of other garments to the chosen clothes.
  • Cut out an eye-patch using black material or black paper.
  • Tie your eye-patch with a elastic string around your head like the pirate above.
  • Use a scarf or colourful strip of material as a head band.
  • You can make a pirate's mask if you want by using a paper plate. Cut holes for the eyes, nose and mouth. Decorate it. Tie it with string around your head.
  • Make a sword from stiff cardboard.
  • You can even make a 'hook'. Tuck one hand inside a long sleeved jumper and hold on to your hook. Make sure your hand doesn't show!

Play a Pirate's game once everybody has made their costume.



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