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Project about Rubbish or waist, Heading

How much rubbish do you think your family makes each year? Everybody has a certain amount of waste. Families, hotels, shops, factories and your school too. Rubbish or waste is a big problem world-wide and everybody should do their bit by making as little waste as possible. Plastic bags are one of the biggest waste products. Can you think of some other different types of waste?

You should always try to recycle. That means using something again and again until it is really rubbish!

Your tasks:

  1. Make a list of the items your school recycles. If they don't recycle, make a list of what can be recycled.
  2. Which country do you think, is the biggest waste maker in the world? Try to find out!
  3. Find out what happens to the rubbish dumped at a city tip.
  4. Also find out what happens to rubbish dumped at a small country town tip.
  5. Compare the city tip sites with the country tip sites. What differences did you notice?
  6. Discuss this as a class issue.



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