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Several selected art ideas are gathered in this area. Three animated graphics deal with colour and colour mixing. These graphics show students how colours are mixed to make new colours, flash cards provide excellent reading material and a computer based activity covers reading, comprehension and spelling. A wonderful area containing art borders can be utilized to provide students of all ages with the materials needed to stimulate creativity in drawing or writing. Here you will find general borders, bear borders and seasonal borders.... PURCHASE ART BORDERS HERE

Another area is the Aboriginal art, which is very popular in Australia and many other parts of the world. By following this project students will learn and benefit from Australian Indigenous culture and their unique art. If students can learn to draw a few geometrical shapes like cubes, cylinders, spheres and cones, they can learn to draw many things. It's surprising what students can achieve if they set their minds on it. Learning to draw what one sees gives the joy of achievement in art.

The Joy of Drawing area comprises of 16 simple lessons. Each lesson shows a graphic, what materials are needed and what to do. The introduction page deals with art materials needed and some excellent tips. Simply follow one lesson a week to obtain maximum benefit from this art activity. Adapt each lesson to suit the age group you are teaching.



please enter ages 5-8 please enter ages 9-10 please enter ages 11 up


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