Questions About Birds

  • What is the largest living bird?
  • What is the smallest living bird?
  • How far do birds fly?
  • How fast do birds fly?
  • How fast do birds run?
  • How high do birds fly?
  • How long do birds live?
  • How many kinds of birds are there in the world?


two parrots

What is a bird? You might say that a bird is an animal that flies. But butterflies, which are insects, and bats, which are mammals, also fly. Some birds, on the other hand, do not fly at all. The ostrich, the emu, and the kiwi run very fast. The penguin swims with his short paddle-like wings. None of them can fly. All birds, however, have feathers, which no other animal has. Birds are feathered, warm-blooded animals with backbones. They have two legs and whether they fly or not, all have a pair of wings and a beak. All birds lay eggs. The entire covering of feathers is called the bird's plumage. Birds keep their plumage very clean and neat, they are fussy for a good reason!

YOUR TASK: Choose ane particular bird specie for your research. Collate your facts in essay format or make a web page if you're into computers. Obtain pictures of your bird specie to compliment your work. Think about what each specie would eat, their weight, size, height, breeding habits and where they live. Consider researching about feathers. Feathers are fantastic learn about and understand how they all fit together to keep the birds protected. Consider the patterns and colours of feathers. Also take a look at bird's lungs, did you know that birds have five or more pairs of air sacs and that a bird's heart beats faster than a human heart? Also research about their eyes. Bird's eyes are very keen. What about their hearing, sense of smell or their language? Many birds build nests each year but some occupy other bird's nests. Delve into bird research and enjoy learning about these wonderful flying machines.

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