The Australian cattle dog is known for its speed, agility, strength, endurance and keen hearing and sense of smell. Their coat is very much weather-resistant and short. The coat may be either blue speckled or red speckled. Their ears are medium-sized, pricked up and pointy. Their eye color is usually dark brown. An adult cattle dog stands 43-51 cm tall at shoulders and weighs 16-20 kg. These dogs originated in Australia and were used by early cattle drovers. They are also called Australian Queensland heeler or a blue heeler.

YOUR TASK: Locate a picture of a blue heeler from the Internet or try a library book that deals with dog breeds. Write an essay about this wonderful dog that faithfully worked all day for his supper for the Australian early cattle drovers. Find out what Australian cattle drovers are and what they used to do. Many cattle stations and farmers still use the blue heeler but much work is now done by motorbikes and helicopters, nevertheless, you can't beat a good Australian cattle dog.

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