Dingo is the common name for a wild dog found in Australia. It looks similar to some domestic dogs with short hair, reddish-brown coat, a bushy tail, small erect ears and a sharp muzzle. In size it is between the wolf and the jackal.

Dingoes are mainly carnivores, eating insects, rodents, carrion but also vegetable matter. Their diet changed from kangaroo and wallaby to rabbit and sheep after the arrival of Europeans who introduced the rabbits and sheep. They hunt singly, in pairs, or as a family group, but seldom in packs. The female dingo usually has a litter of four to eight and both male and female care for the young for one to three years.

YOUR TASK: Research the dingo's makeup, behavior and character trait. Collect dingo facts and make a fact's list complimented with your own dingo drawings, pictures collected, scanned or retrieved from the Internet.


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