Marsupials are mammals that carry their young in an abdominal pouch during their early development. Soon after the marsupial ovum, or egg, is fertilized, the young are born in a premature state and crawl into the mother's pouch. There they nurse on milk from their mother's nipples and complete their development. Marsupial young are tiny embryos at birth. Most marsupials are native to Australia and New Guinea. Outside this area, the most common are the opossums of North and South America.

YOUR TASK: Choose one of the following marsupials for your essay. Search the Internet for pictures to accompany your work.

marsupial, quoll


  • kangaroo
  • numbat
  • marsupial mole
  • quakka
  • tree kangaroo
  • koala
  • possum
  • wombat
  • tasmanian devil
  • feathertail glider
  • bandicoot
  • phascogale
  • quoll


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