Lesson 47 Review

Lesson 47 is a review of the different letter sounds you have taught so far to your student.

Step 1:

  1. Print the ABC suggested activities sheets if you haven't done so yet. 1 - 10,  11 - 18,  19 - 26,  27 - 36

  2. Choose one or two of the suggested activities to compliment this review lesson.

Step 2:

  1. Display the coloured letter cards.

  2. Ask your student to pronounce each letter sound as you point to it.

  3. Ask your student to say the animal that begins with that letter sound.

  4. If you are a member of our ABC course copy and print and practice the letter Yy - yak

  5. If you are a member of our ABC course copy, print and practice the letter Zz - zebra

  6. Review number 6 | number 7 | number 8 | number 9 | number 10

  7. The following worksheets are rather advanced and help is definitely needed with them. You could have your student complete them once the entire alphabet has been taught, or you can tackle it now if you feel your student is confident enough.

  • Complete: worksheet Y

  • Complete: worksheet Z

  • Complete: Write words

Now that your student has finished all the letters if you are a member of the ABC learn to read program, you may like to print the 'Basic Word List 1' and the 'Basic Word List 2' for further practice. Writing a few words a day will reinforce what has been learned. Print 'Lined Paper' or use scrap paper for this exercise.

If you find that you haven't enough time, continue your review lesson the next day. Do not continue until your student has mastered the letters learned so far.


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