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Several selected art ideas and educational activities are gathered in this area. Three animated graphics deal with colour and colour mixing. These graphics show students how colours are mixed to make new colours, flash cards provide excellent reading material and a computer based activity covers reading, comprehension and spelling.


A wonderful area containing art borders can be purchased to provide students of all ages with the materials needed to stimulate creativity in drawing or writing. Here you will find general borders, bear borders and seasonal borders.


Another area is the Aboriginal art, which is very popular in Australia and many other parts of the world. By following this project students will learn and benefit from Australian Aboriginal culture and their unique art.


Also check out the educational activity and a learning resource about frogs, turtles, mini-beasts and bears.


aboriginal artwork


Colour mixing blue and red

Colour mixing red and yellow

Colour mixing blue and yellow

Art Borders

The next three activities can be found in the workbook "World of Art"

Printable bear activity

Printable frog activity

Printable turtle activity

A bookmark

Mini beasts

A 3D house

A landscape

Aboriginal Art


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