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barn owl      the barn owl


There are many species of barn owls. They are birds of .... and come out at ..... Sometimes called ........ owls because of their heart shaped facial disks and absence of ear tufts. Growing around 30 to 40 cm long and white to grey or yellowish to brownish orange in colour. Their eyes are dark and small in comparison with those of other owls. Mainly hunting small rodents like ...... for food and nesting in buildings, towers and old hawks nests. They mainly inhabit open grasslands.

Did you know that the common barn owl is found .......... Antarctica and Micronesia. Australia's most common barn owl is the common grass owl.

barn owl

Test your knowledge! Write true or false

Barn owls are a bird of prey and come out at night. blank
They are sometimes called donkey-faced owls. blank
They mainly hunt small rodents like mice. blank
The common barn owl is found in Antarctica. blank



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