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The brolga is Australia's only true crane. It is a graceful and strong flyer and often performs a stately dance in large groups in perfect timing. Parts of the brolga's dance are incorporated in Aboriginal Corroborees. The brolgas are found on inland swamps and plains throughout Australia except in the southwest. Their diet consists of frogs, insects, reptiles and mice. Their eggs are white, speckled red and laid in flat nests on the ground. Being one of the largest cranes with blue grey feathers and red skin around the face. The scientific name for the brolga is Grus rubicunda.

brolgas - north queensland


An online interactive knowledge test about brolgas. Scores answers with the option of correcting if a mistake was made. Simple true - false quiz which can be played alone or with a friend. Ideal for comprehension testing and reinforcing what was learned.... back to aussie animals main page

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