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Budgerigars are well-known parrots staying in large flocks and are often called lovebirds. They are a small ground parakeet and are native to Australia. Also a popular pet throughout the world and can mimic well. The wild budgerigars are green and yellow, caged-birds have a variety of colours. They are found throughout Australia and nest in hollow limbs of gum trees, have white eggs and usually lay between 4 to 5. It takes up to 20 days for the young to hatch. Breeding in late August to late January. The native birds feed on grass-seed and do considerable damage to farmers grain crops. Scientific name: Melopsittacus undalatus

wild green and yellow budgie


An online interactive knowledge test about budgies. Scores answers with the option of correcting if a mistake was made. Simple true - false quiz which can be played alone or with a friend. Ideal for comprehension testing and reinforcing what was learned.... back to aussie animals main page

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