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The emu is the largest Australian bird and second largest in the world, the ostrich is the largest. It is flightless, has strong legs that are capable of running over 30mph. They have brown body feathers, grey white feathers on the breast and a blue skinned head and neck, growing up to 5 ft high. The emu appears frequently in Aboriginal legends and is often painted in Aboriginal carvings. The emu is also a major part of the Commonwealth Coat of Arms.

After mating the female will lay up to eighteen dark green eggs on a large ground nest. Once the eggs are laid the male will sit on them until hatched and raise the young. Their diet consists of grass, berries and fruit. Emus are also good swimmers and can cover considerable distances over water. They are a pest to farmers by knocking down fences, eating and trampling crops. They are found Australia wide.


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