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An online interactive knowledge test about the frill neck lizard (or frilled lizard). Scores answers with the option of correcting if a mistake was made. Simple true - false quiz which can be played alone or with a friend. Ideal for comprehension testing and reinforcing what was learned.... back to aussie animals main page

frill neck lizard


frilled lizard

The frilled lizard is an ........ lizard living mainly on the ...... and ....... parts in the northern parts of the Australian continent. They grow to a length of approximately 3 feet and have a narrow body. Bluffing to ...... their ......, fanning their ......... which they put out and also hiss with their mouths open.

They mainly feed on insects and small vertebrates. The colour of the ........ to brown or orange-brown or nearly black above. They also have ......... brown bans across their back. The colour of the frill is yellow to black with some orange. Scientific name: Chlamydosaurus kingii.

frill neck lizard


Test your knowledge! Write true or false

The frilled lizard is a European lizard.
They have a large frill around their neck.
The frill is to scare the enemy away.
They live mainly in dry woodlands and tropical areas.



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