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Learn more about Australian wildlife animals by clicking on the different pictures located within the Aussie animals graphic. Complete a knowledge test which checks answers and gains an understanding of Australia's unique wildlife. Click on an animal to learn more and complete an online knowledge quiz.

Australian Animals student activity gecko barn owl marsupial mole quoll galah echidna platypus quokka frill neck lizard kangaroo honey possum kookaburra goanna dingo brolga fur seal red bellied snake rainbow bee eater feathertail glider budgies pelican tasmanian devil fat-tail dunnart koala wombat emu

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Try our Australian wildlife animal activity pages and learn more about: barn owl - brolga - budgerigar - dingo - echidna - emu - fattail dunnart - feathertail glider - frilled lizard - furseal - galah - gecko - goanna - honey possum - kangaroo - koala - kookaburra - marsupial mole - pelican - platypus - quokka - quoll - rainbow bee eater - red bellied snake - tasmanian devil - wombat please read our copyright if you intend to use these for your school.


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