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tasmanian devil


tasmanian devil

The Tasmanian devil has a fearsome, dog-like appearance. They have a strong thick neck and a massive, powerful jaw that can easily bite through the leg bone of a kangaroo. They hunt small wallabies, rat kangaroos, lizards, frogs and birds, eating the whole animal, bones and all. They consume all kinds of meat and frequently scavenge for carrion.

It was once found on Australian mainland, but now only remains in Tasmania. They are a relative of the Australian native cats. They use both front paws for washing, cleaning their face and head with well licked cupped forepaws. They make their nests in hollow logs out of leaves and grass.

They are a marsupial and have a pouch which is directed backwards, carrying the young that are born in a litter, usually consisting of four in a litter. They are about 40inches long from head to tail and are nocturnal. They are black with distinctive white markings on rump and chest.


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