Australian bluebell

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The Australian bluebell is a native plant to Australia. It grows in the southwest of Western Australia. The flowers are light blue or violet colour, the leaves are dark glossy green and the seed pods are  greenish-brown colour with a bit of grey. The seed pods are elongated like the leaves. The flowers are like a bell, between three to four flowers grow from each stem. The leaves grow approximately five cm long and the seed pods are about one and a half or two cm long. The flowers can be up to three mm long, flowering from October to February.

bluebell seed pods

bluebell picture

Scientific name for the Australian bluebell:

sollya heterphylla

This plant is also edible. You can eat the fleshy fruits which are blue in colour. The Aboriginal people used to eat them raw whilst the European settlers made them into jam or wine! The berries are up to two and a half cm long. The fruits are very nice to eat and they are very sweet with a soft texture. The blue berries are also called blue cherries. There are three species in Western Australia  of the 'Australian bluebell'. The scientific name for all the species of bluebell is; Pittosporaceae.


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