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The plant Borage is a herb. It has blue or purple  star shaped flowers and dark green, hairy leaves. Borage is well visited by bees and other nectar sucking insects. This plant grows in sunny places in peoples gardens and in vegetable gardens. The flower of this plant is also described as a "beauty spot". The whole borage plant has tiny hairs all over its stems, leaves and buds. The flowers do not have these hairs. All these little hairs give this plant a rough feeling. These plants are also edible. You can eat the flowers and the leaves. The flowers on this plant come out in September and flower until October or November. Did you know that you can use borage in natural things like; Cosmetics, culinary, and also medicinal? Borage plants will die after the season but the new seeds that have dropped will grow up and you will have new borage plants the next year. Borage can also be used as a sweet smelling fragrance, or you can chop the flowers or leaves up for flavoring.

borage picture

The scientific name for Borage

borago officinalls


Type of plant

Best position

Suitable soil


Edible parts of plant

Uses for plant

Hardy annual

Full sun or part shade


Seed only

Flowers & leaves

Cosmetic, culinary, medicinal


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