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Cadgeegurrup is a plant that grows in jarrah or banksia forests, growing in sandy soil or gravel from Moore River to Cape Naturaliste, Western Australia. These plants produce small succulent fruits that are greenish-yellow and pear shaped. They are edible and are very nice to eat. These fruits are at their best when the fruit falls to the ground. You can collect them in October and November. The bush grows to about one and a half metres tall. 

cadgeegurrup picture

Scientific name

Scientific plant name of cadgeegurrup, persoonia saccata

The skinny pin-like needles or leaves are 8cm to 17cm long and the yellow flowers are up to 13mm long, flowering from July to January. The flowers have a pouch on the lower side and four other petals or lobes roll back when the flower opens up. 

This shrub is also called 'Pouched Snottygobble', 'Pouched Persooia', 'Snotty Bobs', and a 'Wild Pear'. Did you know that there are 28 cadgeegurrup species  in Western Australia?


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