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Taaruuk is a creeping plant. Growing in most Australian states. The flower has four white petals and more then 20 stamens. Starting to flower in July until late October. The roots of this plant were roasted on hot coals then crushed to make a hot paste. The roots have a high protein, more than six per cent and are also very starchy. There are more than 250 species of taaruuk, only three species are found in Western Australia. The leaves of the taaruuk range between light and dark green being about 3-10mm wide and 18-40mm long. Other names for taaruuk are; Old mans beard, small-leaved clematis or slender clematis.

taaruuk flowers


The scientific name for taaruuk

Clematis microphylla



After the flowers have died fluffy white seeds form, blow in the wind and drop to the ground to grow new creepers. 

The leaves were used by early settlers  to make a poultice. It was used to reduce irritation although if left on the skin for more than three minutes it would cause blistering.


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