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An ideal English learning tool. Ages 9-10




Antonyms with a word list given to help students  choose the correct answers.



Test student's knowledge about animal babies. Combination of Science and English.



For the gifted students. Unscrambling words is a challenging way to stretch the mind. Twenty words.


more unscrambling

Not for the fainthearted. Twenty scrambled words to challenge any student's knowledge.


more spelling mistakes

Again twenty incorrectly spelled words. Some students may like to use a dictionary.


work places

What happens at which work place is asked in this ten question activity. A word list is given.



English Homophones are a fun way to learn. No word list given and a dictionary may be required.


more homophones

More English Homophones to learn in a fun way. No word list given. Dictionary may be required.



Students are required to choose between two words. Only one is spelled correctly.


spelling mistakes

Twenty words are spelled incorrectly. A dictionary may be required by some students.


plural form

Test student's mental knowledge at writing the plural form of these twenty words.


following instructions

Comprehension and reading skills are required to complete this activity. Twenty tasks to follow.



Brush up on grammar with this fun teaching tool which allows students to put their English grammar skills to the test.


A to Z Nonsense

Ideal for students who want a challenge and something different. Simply clicking on one of the letters of the alphabet in the left-hand column displays a short nonsensical write-up with an interactivity. This is definitely not for the faint-hearted and can be utilized by older students who enjoy something new as well. Each activity, 26 in total, provides answers with a simple click of the check button.



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