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AGES 5-8

crossword puzzle Interactive crossword puzzle.
typing skills Improve letter recognition and keyboard skills.
Mrs Bear Encourage reading, printable worksheet included.
spelling test Recognize correct spelling when offered two choices.
picture recognition More difficult picture recognition.
unscramble Advanced skills required to unscramble words.
babies Recognize which baby belongs to whom.
gender Gain knowledge about opposite gender.
homophones Homophone used in the English language.
colour recognition Basic colour recognition.
spelling For advanced and gifted students.
spelling scramble For advanced students and gifted students.
follow instructions Test skills. Keyboard letters and numbers.
look and write Picture recognition, ideal for team work.
opposites Test student knowledge with these opposites, fun game.
read-a-long | printable Easy reading plus printable activity.
sea puzzle | printable worksheet Spot the hidden sea creatures.
space story | printable worksheet Enhance reading picture story.
count the stars | printable worksheet Counting numbers and letters.
the alphabet Encourage keyboard skills.
basic shapes | worksheet Shape recognition. Colour activity.
basic colours | worksheet Enhance basic colour recognition.
spot differences | answer key Eye and observation skills.
counting dog model Mathematics and Art skills.
number snake For students who confuse numbers.
attitudes values Discuss social behaviour, values or attitudes.
story reading Encourage reading and colouring in.

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