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counting dog fun model words


front view of number grid


back view of number grid

For students who confuse numbers and sums this may be a helpful fun project.
It combines Maths and Art skills. By reading the columns up and down it will tell the student lots about the number four.

1) Print the two page template in the workbook as pdf file.... CLICK HERE
2) Glue the dog's head, tail and number grid on firm card. Decorate the head & tail.
3) Write numbers on the number grid as shown in the above example.
4) Cut out the head, tail and number grid.
5) Fasten the head and tail to the number grid using paper fasteners.

OUTCOME:The number grid will show a lot about the number 4 by reading it up and down. The number column written in red represents the four times-table. By looking at any other number in the columns you will be able to add or subtract the number four quite easily - look below the number you want to add four to and there's your answer. Look above the number you want to add four to and there's your answer.


english ages 5-8


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