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It was a sunny day, just right for doing nothing and lazing in the sun. Mr Blue was looking for bugs along the river bank. He had found a big grub before but he was still hungry so he kept looking. He flew to the top of a fence and sat very still, hoping the bugs would peep their heads out from between the leaves so he could snatch them more easily. All of a sudden he gave the alert.

blue wren

"Duck alert! Ducks ahead!" chirped Mr. Blue from the top of the fence. He did not like the ducks that lived along the river bank. He didn't mind the geese, but not those greedy ducks!


The ducks always ate his grubs and scared away those they didn't catch. They were noisy, smelly, left dirty droppings along the river bank and were very greedy.

Snowy and Frizzle were half asleep on the road side when Mr. Blue sounded the alarm. "Now what!" said Snowy. "Can't I ever sleep in peace? What's Mr. Blue chirp'n about now?"



Snowy lifted her head and saw the ducks coming her way. "Oh, no!" she groaned. "Ducks coming! Don't tell me they want to play again."

"Come on girls," said Snowy. "If we don't move now we'll be playing duck games all day." The four geese hurried along to get away from the ducks. "Thanks for sounding the alarm Mr. Blue," they said as they passed the fence and waddled far away from the river bank.

geese waddling away

Mr Blue looked very happy with himself as the geese marched by, followed closely by the ducks. "Run!" he chirped after the geese. "Hurry!" he chirped at the ducks. "It worked...... it always works," he chirped to himself.


The ducks waddled fast and followed the geese. "Wait! quacked Flats, how about a game of duck...duck...goose. Slow down Snowy!" But the geese did not slow down at all.

"A job well done," chirped Mr. Blue as he watched the party of geese and ducks disappear. "How clever I am to get rid of the lot. All those bugs are mine now, let's see where was that big ......HELP!"

blue wren


Poor Mr. Blue had been so busy tricking the geese and ducks away from the river bank that he had not seen the big eagle who did not mind a feed of little Mr. Blue.

A rush of wind and a flutter of wings was the end of Mr. Blue. When the tree stopped shaking little Miss Butterfly poked her head out from behind a leaf. "I do love sunny mornings along the river bank," she sighed, and settled down for lunch.


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