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Bear drawing Robert Bowyer Smith heading

Write an essay about the stump jump plough's history and accompany it with pictures or drawings.


  1. What is a plough?
  2. Draw a picture of a modern plough.
  3. Try to locate a library book displaying a picture of the old stump jump plough made by Robert Bowyer Smith.
  4. Draw a picture of the stump jump plough.
  5. Smith took his invention to the Moonta Agricultural Show in South Australia. Locate Moonta in South Australia on a map. What is the nearest capital city?
  6. Smith took out a twelve month patent. What is a patent?
  7. In 1882 the poverty-stricken, Robert Smith received a reward for all his efforts from the South Australian Government. What did he receive?
  8. Robert Smith eventually moved to another Australian State where he set up a factory to manufacture the ploughs. Which State was this?
  9. When did Robert Bowyer Smith die?

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