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  Mathematics  Mathematics  Mathematics 

page 1 ( +   -  x  ÷ ) page 6 ( +   -  x  ÷ )
page 2 ( +   -  x  ÷ ) page 7 ( +   -  x  ÷ )
page 3 ( +   -  x  ÷ ) page 8 (fractions +  - )
page 4 ( +   -  x  ÷ ) page 9 (fractions +  - )
page 5 ( +   -  x  ÷ ) page 10 (fractions +  - )
Fractions Addition
Subtraction Decimals
Mental Mathematics Picture Puzzle Math
Flash Cards Multiplication Chart
Roman Numerals Fractions flash card
24 hour clock 12 hour clock

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English  English  English  English

following instructions Comprehension and reading skills are required to complete this activity. Twenty tasks to follow.
plural form Test student's mental knowledge at writing the plural form of these twenty words.
work places What happens at which work place is asked in this ten question activity. A word list is given.
spelling mistakes Twenty incorrectly spelled words. A dictionary may be required by some.
more spelling mistakes Again twenty incorrectly spelled words. A dictionary may be required by some.
spelling Students are required to choose between two words. Only one is spelled correctly.
unscramble For the gifted students. Unscrambling words is a challenging way to stretch the mind. Twenty words.
more unscrambling Not for the fainthearted. Twenty scrambled words to challenge any student's knowledge.
antonyms Antonyms with a word list given to help students  choose the correct answers.
babies Test student's knowledge about animal babies. Combination of Science and English.
homophones English Homophones are a fun way to learn. No word list given and a dictionary may be required.
more homophones More English Homophones to learn in a fun way. No word list given. Dictionary may be required.
grammar Test your skills with this interactive grammar activity. Covers capital letters, full stops, question marks and exclamation marks.
a to z nonsense Explore each letter of the alphabet with silly nonsense stories and activities. Absolutely fantastic!

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  Science  Science  Science  Science 

Animal Gender Enhance animal gender knowledge with this interactive game. Not as difficult as it looks!
Don't be a silly galah! Learn about the pink and grey galah, its habitat, characteristics and more.
Kookaburras Read about the kookaburra, print and color a kookaburra picture, view photos.
Tigers Tiger species, tiger scramble printable tiger, spot the differences worksheet.
Bears In order to protect the bears we need to learn to protect their habitats.
Birds Learn about birds! A bird depends on its feathers for its powers of flight.
Dogs Caring for dogs! Regular exercise is important as well as a balanced diet.
Horses and Donkeys 'Highwaymen' were often thought of as dashing heroes, but were they?
Monkeys Many monkeys and apes are endangered because their habitats are being destroyed.
Sea Creatures Sharks are the best hunters in the sea. Did you know that many deep-sea fish glow?
Snakes Snakes are reptiles that lay eggs, breathe with lungs and have skins with scales.

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  General knowledge    General knowledge 

landmarks Identify country landmarks by clicking on the appropriate box. When you have finished, the program will sort everything in order for you.
categorize Select appropriate items that belong to each other. A fun way to explore your general knowledge.
dictionary skills Expand your general knowledge with these unusual dictionary words. Put your brain into gear for this one!
more dictionary skills Continue this activity to enhance those dictionary skills you learned from the activity above.
insects Test your knowledge about insects with this fun insect crossword puzzle and learn about Phylum Arthropoda.

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