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Mathematics  Mathematics  Mathematics  Mathematics

Positive Negative Calculations Fractions flash card Picture Puzzle Math
Flash Cards (mixed equations) Multiplication Chart Flash Cards Roman Numerals
page 1 (problem solving) page 2 (equations - flashcards) page 3 (true-false quiz)
page 4 (problem solving) page 5 (graphing) page 6 (true-false quiz)
page 7 (equations - flashcards) page 8 (statistics with group data) Mental Mathematics

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English  English  English  English  English  English


Test your knowledge with these challenging English antonyms. Twenty questions in total. Give it a try!


Test your knowledge regarding opposite gender. A dictionary may be required if you have any problems.


Plural form of words are tested. Increase your grammatical knowledge. Twenty words in total.


Singular form of words are tested. Increase your grammatical knowledge, put your thinking cap on.

missing letters

One letter is missing in these geographical locations. Atlas may be required. Not as difficult as it looks!

more missing letters

One letter is missing in these Scientific names. Dictionary may be required to help you, give it a try.


A quick challenge to test your knowledge about correctly naming young animals. How much do you know?


Twenty English homophones in a fun way to use and learn the language. Not as difficult as it seems.

collective nouns

A challenging activity with these collective nouns. Several examples are given to help you. Have some fun!


Combine Science with English with this animal home activity. A dictionary may be required. Put your knowledge to the test!


Increase your spelling abilities with these twenty incorrectly spelled words. Not all that difficult.

more spelling

Twenty incorrectly spelled words. A dictionary may be required but give it a try, you may know more than you think!

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Science  Science  Science  Science  Science  Science

science flash cards Extend or test your knowledge with these scientific questions in flash card format with scoring facilities.
scientific names A brief description of many scientific names, complimented with a worksheet, project, interactive quiz or crossword puzzle.
periodic table Handy for all those science experiments and projects. Worksheets, tables, lists and interactive activities.

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General knowledge  General knowledge 

mapping Expand your mapping knowledge with these interactive activities. USA, South America, Central America, Europe and Africa. Excellent learning tool!
flash cards Test your knowledge skills with these flash cards. Not as difficult as you think, give it a try!

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