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Mathematics  Mathematics  Mathematics  Mathematics

level 1 - add subtract Practice addition and subtraction with these flash cards. Scores and checks each answer. Easy level for beginners.
level 2 - add subtract Test your mathematical skills with these flash cards; addition and subtraction. Scores and checks each answer. Medium level.
level 3 - add subtract Advance your addition and subtraction skills with these flash cards. Scores and checks each answer. More difficult level for the challenged.
typing skills Ideal for the very young who need to practice numbers on the keyboard. Displays happy or sad face when keeping score.
picture puzzle Reveal a hidden picture when you have completed all the sums. Easy level - but watch out for mixed equations!
rounding decimals If you want to learn how to round decimals to whole numbers than look no further. The flash cards keep your score perfectly.
basic add take away Practice addition and subtraction. Checks answers when completed. You may correct any mistakes and check again.
practice add subtract Continue your addition and subtraction skills with this colourful page. Check your answers by simply clicking the 'check' button.
addition subtraction More brain teasers to develop those mathematical skills which are so essential in every day use. Checks your answers automatically.
mixed equations Keep practicing your addition and subtraction skills. Check your answers upon completion of your work.
more mixed equations Don't give up! Keep practicing with these additions and subtractions and become a mathematician!
easy add subtract If you think you can handle a little more challenging maths, try this one! Check your answers and correct any mistakes before checking again.
not so easy add subtract Continue to drill those addition and subtraction skills and you'll get really good. You could use pen and paper if you have any trouble!
a little harder add subtract These additions and subtractions are a little harder but give it a try, you may find them not so difficult after all.
wow! lots of them Get stuck into these additions and subtractions. You can't check until you've finished them all. Give it a try!
try these mixed equations For more challenge, have a go at these additions and subtractions. Check your answers when you've finished.
test your knowledge! Test your mathematical skills with some more addition and subtraction practice. Keep up the knowledge!
add, subtract times Check out the mixed equations on this page. Not so easy, so throw your brain into gear and give it a try!
keep practicing! Keep practicing your addition, subtraction and times tables with this activity. Check your answers when you've finished!
different format A slightly different format but all the same. Addition, subtraction and times tables are put to the test.
more equations More additions, subtractions and times tables are practiced on this page. Keep up your skills and you'll only get better!
ouch! this one is hard Don't give up! It seems harder than it really is. Try using pen and paper to help you with these if you are having trouble.
test your skills You can really test your mathematical skills here. Check your answers when you've finished and make corrections if needed, then check answers again.
mental mathematics Watch math's skills rocket! Choose your correct level before playing and increase speed in mental calculations with these timed math pages.
2 player flash cards Go no further if you're looking for an excellent flash card. Simply choose your level, add, subtract, divide, multiply, square roots, exponents and mixed equations.
addition chart Give yourself a head start and practice addition with this handy chart. Checks your answers automatically and keeps your score.

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English  English  English  English  English 

crossword puzzle Interactive crossword puzzle for ages 5 and 6. Basic word recognition to improve reading, spelling and writing skills.
typing skills Improve letter recognition and keyboard skills with this activity for students who need to learn where the letters are located on the keyboard.
reading Encourage reading with this fun story about Mrs. Bear. Replace the pictures with words to read the story. Printable worksheet included.
spelling test How well can you recognize the correct spelling when offered two choices. Give it a try! You may like to use a dictionary.
picture recognition Picture recognition is practiced here. No words are provided, only pictures! Can you type the correct spelling to each picture? Try it!
unscramble Advanced skills required to unscramble these words. Twenty words in total, no clues given so put your thinking cap on!
babies Recognize which baby belongs to whom. Word list given to help you but it's not that easy, so brace yourself.
opposite gender Gain knowledge about opposite gender. Word list provided to give you a helping hand. Give it a try, not as difficult as it seems.
homophones Homophones used in the English language. Word list provided to help you but beware, it's not that easy!
colour recognition Basic colour recognition with colour word list provided to help you. It's easy enough if you try, give it a go!
spelling errors For advanced students. 20 words are spelled incorrectly that need to be corrected by you. Test your spelling skills!
spelling scramble Test your spelling knowledge! Words are scrambled and need to be unscrambled, 20 words in total. Put your thinking cap on.
follow instructions Test your thinking skills by following simple instructions. Keyboard letter and number recognition.
look write Picture recognition. Word list provided to help you with these spelling skills. Not as hard as it seems.
opposites Test your knowledge with these opposite words. Word list provided to help you with this fun activity.

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Art  Art  Art  Art  Art  Art  Art  Art 

blue-red colour mixing Learn about mixing colours and what other colours you can make by blending these. Practice reading skills and complete the interactive activity.
red-yellow colour mixing Learn more about mixing colours and what other colours you can make by blending these. Practice reading skills and complete the interactive activity.
yellow-blue colour mixing Learn about mixing colours and what other colours you can make by blending these. Practice reading skills and complete the interactive activity.

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Science  Science  Science  Science 

gender names Enhance animal gender knowledge with this interactive game. Checks answers using a colour coding system.
animal recognition Encourage reading skills with this multiple choice, animated animal picture recognition. 
insects Enhance insect knowledge with this multiple choice activity. Scanned images and real photos used.
animals Real photos of animals are used in this activity of animal recognition. Multiple choice format.
what's in an egg Animated graphic to recognize parts of an egg. Interactive knowledge test accompanied with a worksheet.

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General knowledge  General knowledge 

Australian States Territories Learn the location of Australian States & Territories with this great interactive activity. Ideal to test your Aussie knowledge skills.
Australian capital cities Australian capital cities are in the spotlight with this interactive map. Give it a try! Use an atlas if you are having any problems.
Australian map puzzle Place the Australian States on the correct position on the map with this interactive activity. Great for re-enforcing the previous activities.
World mapping Interactive map of the world. This activity teaches continents and oceans of the world. Put your thinking cap on!

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